A Broken Wonderland

Better pics to come, but, latest piece under regular and black lighting.

Copic markers, Faber-Castell markers and gel ink pens.

I dunno. It’s not my fave, but it does visually pop.


a couple more doodles, and some black light comparisons of previous pics.

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A couple more of my pseudo-mandala images. 

A series of doodles, inked (and some coloured) from my 4th scrapBook. I actually quite like some of these, to be honest :) Kinda nsfw

Fine point pens, copic markers and prismacolor markers.

Page 7 under uv light.

Page 6 under uv light.

Page 5 under blacklight.

Page 7, significantly more intricate than most of the rest of the book so far. Same art utensils as always, only with more focus on the fine point pens.

Page 6, more of an organic feel than the last one. As always, fine point pens, copic markers (and some Prismacolors now) and gel ink pens :)

UV light comparison to come later.

Page 5 of this experiment with mandala inspired designs.

Will add the UV light comparisons later tonight :)